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From July 8-15, 2017, thirty-five residents will meet in Kaneohe, Hawaii to engage with the theme, Persevering in One’s Existence: Entanglement, Looking Around, and Radical Kinship.

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The Whole World Crying

Chelsea Culprit
The Whole World Crying

Opera is a Bad Influence

Sydney Shen
Opera is a Bad Influence

under a rock there's another rock

Raúl de Nieves
under a rock there's another rock


Elizabeth Jaeger

Wild Animal Family

Sofia Leiby
Wild Animal Family

Hideous Hats

Luis Miguel Bendaña
Hideous Hats


Joel Dean

Garbaggio Bouquet

Nick DeMarco
Garbaggio Bouquet


Erin Jane Nelson

Book 64

Travess Smalley
Book 64

A Bandana

Contemporary Floral Arrangement
A Bandana

Thank you for your support

Zachary Kaplan

Karsten Lund

Caroline Carlsmith

Bojan Radojcic

Heather Corcoran

Jenny Lee

Julia Hendrickson

Tobey Albright

Colleen Tuite

Duncan Carlsmith

Megan Kelley

Elizabeth Gumport

Ryan Hammer

Sadie Harmon

nina Chidichimo

Dana Kopel

Laurel Schwulst

Laura Copelin

Katherine Frazer

Lisa Smith

Ann Carlsmith

Nora Wolf

Andrew Holmquist

Amanda Bowles

Helen Kongsgaard

Zev Frank

Robert Heishman

Mary Helena Clark

Colin Self

Derek Chan

Dana Bassett

Matthew McWilliams Christina Song

Jon Satrom

Nicholas O'Brien

Cynthia Tuite

Carson Fisk-Vittori

Elizabeth Abrahamson

Weston Lowe

Vanessa Thill

Shannon Stratton

Sam Stephenson

Michael Savona

Holly Murkerson

Claire Arctander

aron gent


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